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This is an amazing photo and I like it when people cosplay the tenth doctor and not only that but this is a very good cosplay at that. ...

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Supernatural chat room chapter 3: After The Prank
[Dean had entered the chat]
[Brianna has entered the chat]
[Sam has entered the chat]
Me: Told ya I would get you back.
Dean: You put a damn skunk in my baby! How could you?!
Me: Oh it was hard to get the damn thing in your car in the first place! I got sprayed with the damn thing too!
Sam: Yeah and I had to help you wash the skunk stink off of you Brianna. Never will I do that again.
Me: Though it was funny to see you get sprayed by the skunk.
Dean: It's going to take three showers to get this off of me!
Me: I'm sorry. NOT!!! XD you deserved it.
Sam: I have to say though, she did get you better then I have ever got you.
Me: Yep and now I'm going to watch Doctor Who. Season six which the first two episodes are awesome cause of the silence and because flipping Crowley is in it. XD
Sam: Wait he's what?
Me: You guys didn't know?
Dean: I didn't even know he was in anything.
Me: XD wow you two really need to watch tv at times.
Sam: We do. Well Dean does.
Dean: Dude I've caught you watching
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Supernatural chat room chapter 2: Dean's Prank
[Dean has entered the chat room]
[Brianna has entered the chat room]
Brianna: Dean what the hell did you do to Sam's bed?! He's flipping itching all over and so am I!!!!!!
Dean: Woah there, what makes you think it was me?
Brianna: Hmmm let me see you and Sam have a history of pranking each other!!!!!!
[Sam has entered the chat]
Sam: Dean you're a jerk!
Dean: How's that itch going?
Sam: I'm so going to get you for this. You even got Brianna!
Brianna: Yeah he better keep a good eye on his car because something's gonna happen to it!!!
[Brianna has logged off the chat]
Sam: You know she means it right Dean.
Dean: She hurts baby in any way and she's going to die!!!!
[Dean has logged off the chat]
Sam: -.-
[Sam has logged off the chat]
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Supernatural chatroom chapter 1
[Dean has entered the chat room]
[Dean has invited Sam to the chat room]
Sam: Dean what is this?
Dean: It's a chat room.
Sam: I know what it is Dean. I want to know why you made one?
Dean: I'm bored and with there being no cases I thought I'd make a chat room to pass the time.
Sam: And so you thought it was a good idea to invite me on here for what reason.
Dean: I invited Cas, Brianna, and Melissa but I guess they're busy.
Sam: Well yes Brianna and Melissa are busy because they are working on a case of their own and if I'm right Cas is with them.
Dean: Wait how'd they get their own case?
Sam: We gave it to them remember.
Dean: Oh yeah.
Sam: This is getting kind of boring so I'm going to go take a nap.
Dean: Man your no fun.
Sam: I'm tired Dean. I've been up all night trying to find a case for us.
Dean: Fine, go take a nap.
Sam: Thank you.
[Sam has logged of the chat]
Dean: XD oh lord this is going to be good.
[Dean has logged off the chat]
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Crystal 2 by brijasmine Crystal 2 :iconbrijasmine:brijasmine 2 2 Crystal by brijasmine Crystal :iconbrijasmine:brijasmine 1 0
The Mistake:Part four
I walked into the warehouse that I was brought to to see Mycroft. "Mycroft what's your damn obsession with warehouses when you have to talk to me or John?!" I yelled as I looked for him. "It seems a bit more suitable I guess." Mycroft says as he steps out of the shadows and under a light that has a chair under it. "Sit." He says pointing to the chair with his umbrella. "No thanks. I'm fine standing." "You sure have picked up a lot of traits from John and Sherlock while living with them. Haven't you." "Just shut up and tell me what you need to tell me so I can go back to Sherlock." "Ah yes. Unfortunately you can't go back to stay with Sherlock and John for a while." Mycroft says as he leans on his umbrella. "What?! Why not?!" "Because when Moriarty left you he left a note and Sherlock found it." "What did it say? Please tell me!" "Brianna he said in the note that he was going to be back for you and that nothing will stop him from harming you." "So what are you suggesting?" "I'm sorry bu
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The Mistake:Part three
A month later:
"Brianna get over here!" Moriarty yelled from across the warehouse where we were going to hold a person hostage. I looked up to see Moriarty with Moran beside him holding a child. "A kid! What the... Why a kid Moriarty?" I said as I ran over to where they were. "Oh well this isn't just some random kid Brianna." "What do you mean by that?" "Take a look." Moriarty said as he moved the girls long dirt blonde hair out of the way. 'Oh my god. No. Not Anna.' I thought as I stares at John's niece.
"Why do you have John's niece?" I said as I looked up to Moriarty. "Oh I don't have her, it's you who has her." Moriarty says as he snaps his fingers and Moran puts her in my arms. "I'm not gonna hurt her and end up making John hate me." I say as I look down at Anna. "Oh you don't have to hurt her but John will hate you for it." Moriarty said as Moran pulled out a knife and dragged it down Anna's arm. "Anna!" I yelled as Moran cut her. "Why did you do that? She's gonna die!" I said as
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The Mistake:Part two
I walk into Mycroft's office thirty minutes later after leaving Moriarty's. "Ah Brianna nice to see you. How did it go?" Mycroft said as I stood in front of his desk. "Well he's not dead just so you know." I say as I look out the window behind him. "Oh really?" Mycroft says as I nod slowly. "And I just wanted you to know that I'm not gonna help you kill him and that you won't see me for a while." I say as I turn around and head for the door. "I hope your plan works because if it doesn't someone will be very upset. Actually he is upset that you left him that day." "Ok how the hell did you know about my plan?" "Did you forget that I'm practically the British government Brianna?" "Oh yeah. And about John, what do you want me to do go visit him?" I said as I turned to face him.
"Actually no." A voice said from the door. "God dammit!" I mumbled as I turned around to see John standing there. "What the hell are you doing here?!" I yelled. "Brianna I'm not gonna let you go through with this."
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Cat point adoptable's by brijasmine Cat point adoptable's :iconbrijasmine:brijasmine 0 0
The Mistake:Part one
Part one:
Me and my partner Brian had been searching for Morairty for a good five six months after we were told by Mycroft to search for him and kill him. We finally found his house he was living in and went to search it for him. While we were searching I remembered the promise I had made my self many months ago. I looked to Brian and told him I wanted Morairty alive but he said we had to kill him or Mycroft wouldn't pay us. "Fuck Mycroft." I said as I looked through the house searching for Morairty so that I would get to him before Brian could. I had no luck and there was only one room left. I walked towards the room and heard a gun shot. "Shit!" I yelled as I ran to the room to find Morairty lying on the floor with a bullet in his chest. "You asshole! I told you I wanted him alive!" "I'm sorry but I'm not gonna lose my money for your stupid idea that might not even work!" Brian said as he dragged me out of the room.
I looked back to see Morairty moving to sit up. 'Oh thank god.' I th
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CROSSOVERS: Fennekin Evolution Line by raiphen CROSSOVERS: Fennekin Evolution Line :iconraiphen:raiphen 734 50 CROSSOVERS: Chespin Evolution Line by raiphen CROSSOVERS: Chespin Evolution Line :iconraiphen:raiphen 799 102 CROSSOVERS: Froakie Evolution Line by raiphen CROSSOVERS: Froakie Evolution Line :iconraiphen:raiphen 892 114 Mlp Base: the movie was p lit tbh by CreepyQuartz Mlp Base: the movie was p lit tbh :iconcreepyquartz:CreepyQuartz 278 26 Mlp Base: sed prnces by CreepyQuartz Mlp Base: sed prnces :iconcreepyquartz:CreepyQuartz 361 36 Mlp Base: cri by CreepyQuartz Mlp Base: cri :iconcreepyquartz:CreepyQuartz 422 15 MLP Movie base 2 by Sparkiss-Pony MLP Movie base 2 :iconsparkiss-pony:Sparkiss-Pony 515 43 Mlp Base#146 by Frozen-heart667 Mlp Base#146 :iconfrozen-heart667:Frozen-heart667 359 39 Mlp Base - C'mon! Let's go eat shit!! by MelodySweetheart Mlp Base - C'mon! Let's go eat shit!! :iconmelodysweetheart:MelodySweetheart 795 51 Mlp Base #51 (Fluttershy base) by AngelLight-Bases Mlp Base #51 (Fluttershy base) :iconangellight-bases:AngelLight-Bases 366 39 Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~176~*^*~ by KatNekoBase Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~176~*^*~ :iconkatnekobase:KatNekoBase 472 35 MLP Base: did I deserve it? by TeePew MLP Base: did I deserve it? :iconteepew:TeePew 804 29 Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~177~*^*~ by KatNekoBase Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~177~*^*~ :iconkatnekobase:KatNekoBase 430 31


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